HUMAN Watt stationary bike grid tie solar inverter electric bike SOLAR FITNESS CLUB

FITNESS CLUB BUSINESS IDEA. If a company has a series of plug & amp; amp; Bikes to play a counter KW, users can compete, who produces more power over a week, a month … its
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21 thoughts on “HUMAN Watt stationary bike grid tie solar inverter electric bike SOLAR FITNESS CLUB

  1. So generators can be applied to “barbell” style training sessions are? And if you can not work enough hours in a fully charged phone would be worth it.

  2. Amazing idea, but one problem: If we have a generator, it is actually nichtnur a generator, but it is also an engine simultaneously. If you give it to mechanical energy and turn it clockwise say, it creates two different electricity generator inside the face. Derjenigedass spell, say 12V and is produced in-house, istetwa can say 9V. If you take your generator power, dieAusgangsspannung NO1 will fall, so that the voltage, the second starts o dasGenerator counterclockwise get more space to do what he wants to do. Soje more you get your generator power, the hardest part is eSUM rotate. But if you do locate solenoid in a circle, looking magnets on the central shaft and rotate the shaft, regardless of how StromSie out of your system, the same amount of mechanical verbrauchtEnergie to rotate. So if you take a watt or 100watt your system, simply E amount of energy to spin the wheel;)

  3. the tent city of Az has a generator bike to a TV when someone süchtigTV she wants, should contact the bicycle pedal watching .. (The generator must excepting enough for television I was running and watching TV, while the same was hawking), but I don `t that if television was a television as ranauf 110 AC or 12 volts DC ran. )

  4. Yes, the side of the right hand. I see good things like flying undGangwechsler to store energy. You have an idea how to create a good solid wheel?

  5. dobberdoss the weather is bad, or they require lower work outs impact odersie need to do some hill climbs, or they want to know where your heart rate, odersie would like to have a better pace. or closer to him want other machines they work. the list is endless nothing to tunKörperbild.

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