25 thoughts on “Hybrid Electric Trike 130 Miles Per Gallon ! Bicycle! Tricycle! Gas Bike

  1. The reason why you can’t drive a car is cause you are not considered able
    to keep track of your fellow trafficants. Would you mind explaining to me
    how your ability to do this improves from a trike? Why are you dangerous in
    a car but not on a trike? This is not a retorical question. I am genuinely
    interested in your answer, so teach me or taunt me… Oh, and what sort of
    legal blindness do you suffer from? Since you were going to only run over
    those who don’t know what legal blindness is, i would feel so much safer if
    you clarifyed wich type of legally blind you are…?´╗┐

  2. How stupid ,if the generator was a direct drive system you probably had
    over 50% more range due to losses in generator,charging process.
    Off course those Taiwanese didnt want to produce such useless machine.sad
    but treu but i guess thats why he sold it in the first place,very clever
    making profit.´╗┐

  3. So let me get the facts straight in my head…
    You are blind so you can’t drive a car on the road.
    So you thought it was a good idea to run people over on the sidewalk
    Why would you need a 130 mile range???´╗┐

  4. my mums citroen C4 or C5 i cant remember what model it is can get about 150
    – 210mpg out of it on the motor way because its a diesel. then on roads it
    averages at about 90 – 129mpg. top speed in the thing i think is 140mph and
    max MPG shes had is basically 367mpg.. economic car… my car would be
    lucky to see 40mpg with the way i drive it even though its a lower power in
    CC.. i think my mum has a 1.4 ltr (1400cc) and i have a 1.1ltr (1100cc)
    however mine is also a petrol car designed for hills and basically going
    anywhere even though its only a hatchback.´╗┐

  5. hi rafael,had a stroke in 2011 so now no licence to drive a electric
    vehicle, something like this would be just up my street, as i’ve ridden two
    and three wheel gas powered machines pretty much most of my life, Got to be
    better than my dog slow pavement mobility scooter.Will need to check out
    G.B. traffic laws of course, Thanks for posting vid its really interesting.´╗┐

  6. Cool trike! I like your Kitt car, too.
    Here is an idea for a more efficient hybrid setup. For this to work, the
    motor controller has to be wired for regenerative braking. It probably is,
    but if not it wouldn’t be too difficult to change.
    1: Mount a small engine so it can spin the shaft of the electric motor via
    chain and centrifugal clutch.
    2: Put some kind of manual or electric clutch between the electric motor
    (and its drive sprocket from the engine) and the wheels.
    That’s it.

    This eliminates the extraneous alternator and battery charger, and its
    double conversion which adds weight and parasitic loss. The electric motor
    becomes the generator (which is how hybrid cars work, btw), and the clutch
    allows using it to charge the battery while not moving. The centrifugal
    clutch on the engine allows you to start the engine with no load on it; and
    also allows you to use the electric motor alone without running the engine.

    It would be workable without the output (to the wheels) clutch, but you
    wouldn’t be able to charge while standing still. Another advantage of the
    output clutch is that if a cop questioned it, you could just tell him it is
    a generator for charging the battery (which it is), and demonstrate by
    running it with the output clutch disengaged. Just conveniently forget to
    mention the output clutch ;-]
    Any cop smart enough to grasp that it can also power the rear wheels
    probably wouldn’t be hassling you in the first place. Besides, the electric
    motor is technically powering the wheels anyway; the engine is just taking
    the load off the battery while dumping its excess power back into the

  7. Hey great to hear that you can drive,can i ask what are the specs on the
    trike specially the battery charger and controller.´╗┐

  8. Pretty cool. I saw something like this before but the guy was using a small
    50cc engine and an alternator. Your idea is essentially the same but a bit
    neater and a lot easier to setup. Plus it’s a double win because you can
    also use it as a normal generator when the power goes out.´╗┐

  9. It wont be long and the bankrupted blackhole US government will be
    regulating that also.´╗┐

  10. Hello pal. Nice car too. Hey since youre using that generator to charge
    your battery pack, have you thounght of using a electric circular saw it
    has 2 1/3 HP. It would be grate for that Tricycle, or Bycycle, have fun.´╗┐

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