17 thoughts on “Hydrogen Fuel Cell electric bike

  1. It only needs a little more help with the design. But it’s not too far away
    from generating very good mass appeal. Seriously. The versatility of being
    an all terrain vehicle is a big plus. And makes a solid standout as a
    strong all around hybrid bike. Speed should be suitable for highway. And
    range should and could achieve 100 miles. Call me when it’s ready!

  2. That BIKE In That Video SUCKS! And I Rather Have E-Rockit From Germany And
    Its A Electric BiCycle…..Watch That Video From Germany On Youtube And You
    Will See Thee Difference Between And COMPARED This E-Bike Hydrogen Fuel
    Cell electric bike And Other E-Rockit….

  3. 15 years in development and still not for sale at a dealer near you… and
    this video was posted in 2007… six years and counting… Isn’t it amazing
    how “next year” is always a year away when you’re talking about fuel cells?

  4. you can run a car or bike off water! hydrogen is made from water,
    monopolist pigs have murdered many people that have created cars and bikes
    that run off water the basic source of hydrogen! fuck you oil pig bastards
    of darkness

  5. Let’s say in theory, once in mass production it becomes simple and cheap to
    produce and the replacement parts were simple, cheap, and easily installed
    by the end users. XDDD…NOW brothers and sisters YOU know I’m dreamin’
    …ain’t nobody got time for dat”. Earl Cos gonna buy you out. 

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