19 thoughts on “Killacycle: World’s Fastest Electric 1/4 Mile Vehicle

  1. mission-motorcycles, everyone. check out their site for the top performance
    electric superbike. zeromotorcycles also have some decent bikes. i ride a
    taiwanese bike i bought here in china for $1000. top speed is about 64kmph

  2. If Suzuki took the technology from this much heavier American backyard
    mechanic made bike and built a bike with it called はやぶさのオーナー泣く , the
    Hayabusa would be that small thing in your rear view mirror. The hayabusa
    is the end. This should be a beginning.

  3. Also consider this, the Busa that holds the record for fastest bike at the
    Texas Mile has 136 more hp than that stupid Tomahawk and weighs a 1000
    pounds less! You think your stupid overweight 4 wheeled paperweight can
    match that?

  4. Thats not true at all. Have you ever heard a powerful electric motor
    running at many thousands of rpm? They are not exactly quiet. I agree that
    for the first few seconds most of the noise is the tire, but after that it
    is mainly the motor and drivetrain whining.

  5. This is the problem with you stupid fanboys. All you have to do is say this
    is the fastest pile of junk out there and it’s AMERICAN and you’ll believe
    whatever the hell anyone wants you to. I could take a dump and if I stuck
    an American flag on it and claimed it was the fastest shit ever you would
    believe me because supposedly Americans are the best at everything.

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