23 thoughts on “Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 – Jay Leno’s Garage

  1. Merely fast, No soul, no rider connection, no passion, no noise. Dumbed
    down motor cycling. No thanks. i will stick with my Ducati. Rob

  2. I don’t like electric motorcycles but that bike does look sick. However,
    speed without proper engine sound is boring. I was bored riding my 12
    cbr1000rr when it just had a stock exhaust, so I couldn’t imagine riding
    that quiet electric bike. I don’t care how fast that bike is, without
    proper sound it would bore me. PS. Jay cracked me up when he waved to that
    lady and said all moms hate motorcycles. haha

  3. I’m sorry but if you take a 200 horsepower motorcycle out onto a public
    road and you give it all that it has to give…well you are just asking to
    die. Save it for the racetrack. I had a Yamaha RD400 with 43 horsepower and
    that was more than enough to get me where I wanted to go, and more than
    enough horsepower to kill me. Stop the insanity of these horsepower
    wars…please for the love of God!

  4. So much for the “gentlemen’s agreement” to not try and top the worlds
    fastest bike? I guess the Ninja ZX-12R started it but still, is this bike a
    practical every day bike?

  5. Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 – Jay Leno’s Garage:
    This is a serious bit of kit, to have won Pikes peak beating all the other
    petrol driven bikes it must be.
    I wonder if they have had thoughts of entering it into the Zero TT? Even if
    they haven’t, you can buy this bike, stick a decent rider on it and you
    have what I would think a good chance of a result, even a victory!
    It looks a lot better than most of the agricultural looking machines that
    have been entering the race too.

  6. I still think the future won’t be a purely electric vehicle but a vehicle
    more like the Porsche 918 Spyder, a hybrid with a seriously ballsy sounding
    engine. I don’t think bike guys would be able to give up the roar of the
    exhaust. If you could make a 500lb bike with a great sounding engine with a
    combined at least 30hp/100lbs and the electric hybrid added in so you got
    over 100mpg I think it’d take off.

  7. Dude, everyone’s talking about lack of sound, there is sound people.
    Quieter? Yes. But, and ,maybe it’s just me and my affinity for brushless RC
    cars, I love the sound of an electric motor. The low end whir building into
    sharp pitched whistle into an all out scream at full point, tingly.
    Especially knowing that the only way to make it scream is to have enough
    balls to top it out at 215 mph, a gasoline bike will scream as loud as it
    can at 80 mph in first gear, not nearly as many balls does it take to make
    a gasoline engine sound like its going it’s fastest.

  8. Am I the only one disappointed every Monday when I see a new Leno’s Garage
    video and then realize its not a car ?

  9. Wish it was a little more affordable, other than that it destroys
    everything else (gas or electric) speed wise and it’s a sport bike, sounds

  10. I’m loving the electric stuff at the moment, I think it is the future, I
    just wish that someone would do a cruiser that was electric, I have an old
    knee injury that prevents me from bending my leg far enough to ride a
    sports bike, but something with cruiser pegs would be a different
    proposition, (at the right price 🙂 )

  11. I think Lightning should entirely rethink two wheeled transportation based
    on the strengths and weaknesses of electric power. Go with something like
    the Akira bike, keep the battery’s, hence center of gravity, as low to the
    ground as possible. Create an airfoil effect around the rider to slip
    through the air for speed and efficiency. Just thinking out loud…

  12. BOOOOOOOORING! God, I would never want one of these things. Absolutely
    soulless. I know it’s fast. Yeah, for about 20 miles! No thanks.

  13. +Jay Leno’s Garage I am glad i found your channel Jay these videos are
    really great i’ve been following all your reviews on electric bikes and I
    have to say i love the way you look at the electric bike industry – L2R

  14. For the rear brake set up, they should completely do away with the
    mechanical rotor and caliper, and make the brake pedal linked directly to
    the electronics so that the electric motor is used as regenerative braking
    system- charging the battery and slowing down the rear wheel..
    (as they already have on the bike) but to use the electric motor as a

  15. Why do they always use that type of Body-Frame? have they tried using
    old-school bobbers or cafe-racers with electric motors? Or is there a
    company that does costume bikes like these?

  16. I’m all in… never like noisy engine anyway! without the noise you really
    can connect with nature riding through the peaceful country and canyon. Its
    like sailing. Now if they would work on solar charging to have unlimited
    range that would be the ultimate road machine don’t you think?

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