21 thoughts on “Liveforphysics DeathBike v4.0 Extremely fast electric assist bicycle. Ebike E-bike Electric bike

  1. this thing is going to be in a museum some day as a “what we’ve come from”
    demonstration. E biking is the new hot rodding. sure it’s illegal to ride
    these things in traffic, but seriously who gives a fuck?! 20c a charge and
    a zero to 60 assisin vs 100 bux at the pump and being stuck in traffic.
    fuck that noise. volt on.

  2. I’ll commission one for you with batteries/charger $7k (z-force + matched
    sevcon controller), that should get you to perilous velocities my friend.

  3. @29979245eight SO far all I can do is lay down about 1/8th the HP of this.
    SO in short it doesnt. But I have not had a good controller to play with
    like the sevcon. So Im building a controller from scratch! YSR 50 btw! But
    if I ever get it ripping…… I bet I can win!

  4. How do you make these guys? I’m looking for an ebike to use in the city,
    and whatever your’e making seems to cancel out my honda cr500 plans. These
    things are incredible fast!

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