Lynn's Spin: My Plush Pedego

Lynn's Spin: My Plush Pedego
My brother and I did our best to act like we weren't disappointed, but as we looked at each other over a pile of flannel jammies and Mr. Potato Heads, it was evident we obviously hadn't been good enough through the year to warrant the likes of new …
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Motorized Schwinn Stingray.

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25 thoughts on “Lynn's Spin: My Plush Pedego

  1. The engine kit can be purchased almost anywhere online. I had to custom
    build the engine mount, exhaust pipe and wheel sprocket adapter. These
    parts can be bought but they are hard to find. Search the net. Also search
    the motorized bicycle forums they can help. I bought the bike used off of
    craigslist since they dont make it anymore.

  2. hey bstewart63 where did u get the muffler I’ve been looking for one but i
    don’t know the name of it ………..hope u replay me thanks……….

  3. where is the gas tank on this i dont see one and how many miles on a full
    tank also i think you did a great job on this bike just love it

  4. @bstewart63 dude i would of done the same so u dont have that big tank in
    the way and i bet the bike gets 27 miles per the gallon depends on what
    type of motor

  5. this is the exact same bike that i have and i was thinking of putting a
    motor in it but i dont know how.. please reply!!!!!!!

  6. where did you buy the sprocket for the back wheel…im working on a 5 hp
    briggs on the occ stingray frame…can you help me with any info…

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