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  1. See offer at any computer or supplier and ask them a small piece dergrauen foam which is used in packaging. Use a hot glue gun and a kompletteWulst the microphone (not) and stick the foam. If this still happens with a piece of dense foam. These are the eq not change the sound itself and will kill the wind. You can use a sponge piece pf, if you do könnendas proper foam. foam cut with a bread knife. Good luck.

  2. Hey, have you seen the electric folding bike hk Noak, ausChina imported into the United Kingdom, and while the engine is rather low (160k) does Gewichte9kg. I have a short YouTube video showing.

  3. Thank you for the tip! I tried several configurations of microphone, but they all seem to have the wind noise when driving. I’m still trying to do things 🙂

  4. Hello Abdul, consider this a beautiful folding bike! I will definitely change wennich one day have the chance to call out thanks;)

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