Motorized Schwinn Stingray Chopper Bike

My father, my brother and I took a Schwinn chopper bicycle pedal and screwed on a racing engine 15 hp Kart fully equipped Honda. We have also established their own for some parts of it. It’s fast !!!!!
Video Rating: 4/5

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23 thoughts on “Motorized Schwinn Stingray Chopper Bike

  1. You did a good job. I love bikes, they are difficult to drive, ichVERSUCHT, GIVE WAY and Mathew not want, because if u DenLENKER on a chopper IT hand up or increase BIKE MAKE unstable pedaling, but you have solved this problem. MY BIKEIS similar to yours. YOUR ONE OF THE BEST MANUFACTURERS and there are some did RITE.

  2. will do this on my chopper, but with a smaller engine makes a 80ccdas 5 hp with a carburetor and exhaust expansion chamber CNS. The Radaber I really want to fit a larger wheel for my back, but I can not be too findendas and is not too large. What size and type is that you can.

  3. I have my Schwinn Sting Ray bicycle evening. I think I’ll put a Moto Rauf means. This is so cool! Excellent work on this!

  4. this is sick eh! because it would be even better if you like a 250cc motorcycle engine developed with so u can transsexual Gears

  5. Mine is almost finished with the same kind of power. Just need to buy and montierenbis wheel motorcycle.

  6. Ya. , .Stock Rays are too weak. You must be sproket finden.Die after market wheel mounted directly on the back

  7. this bike i most remember, I like the landing gear is not Fahrrad.Hier what it should look like. They do a good job on one of the best tatam is lonely at the top, where I am.

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