14 thoughts on “My new electric bike Xtreme XB300li

  1. I just have exact bike. only gas, it goes with me 16-17mph (ichwiegen £ 195) on the support of the pedal as soon as possible go pedal. The auxiliary engine only take 16-17. Anything faster than anything you. IA can it to 20, but its mainly his own power. I just used nurerhalten full use of the throttle motor.

  2. Thank you for uploading your video. it really helped me understand how to setzenauf the swallowtails. I had to buy another six screw socket, because I fehlteein.mein bike also came with an additional component. I thought it was a water bottle holder, but when I finished the project was on the left part, does not seem that it’s going anywhere. there is nothing in the operations manual that deals with the party.

  3. Your video gave me the confidence to package “assembly required” purchase ebike. Sellers or suppliers should respect veröffentlichenihre products as follows. Very informative, thank you!

  4. This is a good video. Gilbert Arciniega you Where can I get the engine controller? Because Xtreme S does not have to stock.Thank Thanks for the video !!!!

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