4 thoughts on “New mid-motor electric bike conquers San Francisco hills.

  1. You are going to kill that battery. The harder you work the battery the
    shorter it’s useful life. I don’t mean charge, I mean permanent loss of
    capacity over time. You will shorten it’s useful life by about 1/2 or more.
    If you live in a hilly place, it would probably be best to have 2 motors
    (front and rear) with 2 separate batteries.

  2. That was an excellent video and demonstration! @christo930: A mid-drive
    bike that is properly geared will almost always win out over a hub motor
    bike. It’s the laws of physics. Mid-drive is the future of ebikes because
    of the higher efficiency. Thanks for posting this video!

  3. get a go pro cam and MORE power..lol….great job.btw. i got HPC 2000 w
    cruiser and its so awesome..tee 661 326 1604

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