16 thoughts on “NTS Works Fat Free Electric Bicycle

  1. I want a fat free e-bike. It looks like a great commuter bike. I also like
    the cost of charging the battery. Incredible!! only 6 cents a charge!!

  2. The bike ‘road’ great for me flying along, this video sums-it-up with
    elegant details (like the battery info with a cheap silent recharge). The
    bunny hop at end is great closure.

  3. This is an amazing eBike! Powerful, seamless transition into and out of
    power assist. Very stable handling, even smoother as I go faster. The
    step-through frame is easy and safe to get on or off the bike, especially
    with baskets or trailer attached. It can be for road, off-road, or both
    depending on tire choice. Optional rack and baskets are sturdy and quick to
    install/remove. The designer’s expertise and industry cred, along with
    years of development, have paid off with a bike (and company) that’s here
    to stay. They sourced the best batteries available and include a forever
    upgrade option at half the price of a new battery. Great price point and
    value, too. You shouldn’t buy an eBike without testing Fat Free! 

  4. I rode this electric bicycle around Santa Cruz. What a great experience!
    I’d never been on an electric bike before but, it was so easy. And made
    getting up steep hills a much more pleasant experience!

  5. I have found that this bike works as well as Neil says. It will put a
    smile on your face when you try it, because it has really been done right,
    and it is so fun to ride . I think that it could be a good equalizer when
    two people of unequal strength/endurance want to ride together. It should
    be very practical for people who want to commute to work and not arrive at
    work needing a shower.

  6. This bike removes many of the obstacles that are currently keeping people
    from riding. Concerns about not being able to make it up that hill, battery
    life, range & too sweaty are all solved with this bike. No more excuses to
    start a healthy and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

  7. Cool looking e-bike. Looking forward to a test ride! Hope to see you guys
    next year at the International Cargo Bike Festival in Nijmegen with this
    bike and the NTS PickupCycle.

  8. Very excited to see the product and I know from my test rides that the Fat
    Free rides brilliantly! Nice work !!

  9. This would make a fantastic commuter bike! Who wants to show up for work
    needing a shower? The design is uber cool and a head turner, but the tiny
    yet powerful battery is the game changer. Anxious to try one out for myself

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