12 thoughts on “Prodeco Stride 500 reviews electric bike by BC

  1. I will try to the fact that the machine operates at only 20 or 30 minutes klären.Vollgas noted with a full charge the battery 9 AH. Thus Sienur get 10 miles or 20 miles per hour. As with all batteries, enjoy effective AH by discharging at a lower rate. Speed: 15 mph from the battery Can you get one last race of 20 miles 80 minutes. If not then you really hausierenStromverbrauch reduced and could support erhaltenzu 30 miles of electric. I have 2000 miles on the bike today and battery seinstark seems that the day I got it. Check tire pressure every 3 weeks for up to 50 psi. Keep rolling resistance to a minimum. Get a cheaper bike with a lead or NiCd battery is crap.

  2. Hey Chuck, Thanks for your comment. It was very thorough and in a relaxed tempo. I was shopping for an electric bike and I think you’ve convinced a michauf this Prodeco.

  3. Thank you for your good review. The bike looks great and I wonder, is not it more warumgibt opinion of a pilot on Youtube.

  4. Thank you for the great review on this bike. I wanted an electric bike for some time. I live in an area with lots of hills easily as Class I falter after a few miles. I think of cycling as would be fun, instead of mounting a chore. Stride 500 einkomfortable also like cycling. Enjoy Yourself!

  5. Report of Nice. I recently bought the Prodeco Stride folding ebike and binganz happy with it. I also agree with the assessment of ProdecoKundenbetreuung and response. Enjoy your riding!

  6. Dear Sir, nice video! Does your bike has a brake system recovery? Does it charge the battery while you continue downhill? Thank you in advance!

  7. How can 20 miles on a charge, if the load does take 20 minutes? My problems with e-bikes (owned by one of) the batteries are teuerund when they are older, have less severe charge.

  8. Theoretically, the battery is only enough power for the performance of 20 minutes. In reality, it will bring you more than twice you weit.Sofern LiPo battery you have a poor performance as lead acid or NiCd are heaver and less stored energy to weight LiPo battery should ratio.The last completed in 2000 deep discharge cycles,

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