ProdecoTech Outlaw SS Video Review – 28mph Off-Road Electric Bike, 750 Watt Motor The Outlaw SS is ProdecoTech’s fastest electric bike with a top speed of 28 miles per hour. The 750 watt direct drive rear hub motor is…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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10 thoughts on “ProdecoTech Outlaw SS Video Review – 28mph Off-Road Electric Bike, 750 Watt Motor

  1. Hey do you mind me asking… Do you go somewhere completely different every
    time you make a video, or are you in a general vicinity? Cuz you always
    seem to record in ridiculously beautiful places!

  2. Perhaps at this weight and power you should start using motorcycle riding
    techniques. Many moto riders have wiped out while hard on the front brakes
    and trying to turn. Just sayin…

  3. I was going back and forth between getting a Bionix D-500 Kit for my
    Hardrock Sport and getting a Outlaw SS and your in depth review is steering
    me away from the Outlaw SS, living in NYC, yeah its a little scary to ride
    that thing. Kudos to you on your reviews, I think I’ve seen almost

  4. Surprised to see you give this a 4/10. I’m trying to decide between this
    and the Volton Alation 500, but I would like to be able to keep up with
    slow traffic. I don’t like the 20 mph cap that most e-bikes have. You
    mention on your site that there may be a way to get over the 20 mph cap
    with the alation by modding the computer. Any idea what the top speed would
    be then?

  5. in your opinion, would a full face helmet (like sports looking not
    motorcycle) be over kill? or can you get away with it with this bike?

  6. Integrate the battery into the downtube, same to gears into wheel eg Nexus,
    & baboom a well built balanced beast.

    Don’t forget to treat yourself to a hands free cam.

  7. you forgot to say is a massive bike!!! just saw it in person and its sooooo
    big, almost scary lol is almost a motorcycle, but I didn’t get to ride it,
    the dealer I went to didn’t allow test >(

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