4 thoughts on “PWM 60Amps DC Motor Speed Controller for Electric Motor Bike, Electric Scooters

  1. Hi!
    I build this circuit and it worked fine up to 15A loads. But when I put
    loads near 25A the BD transistors get very hot and the gate resistors burn
    out leading to the destruction of the mosfets.
    As the mosfets explode sometimes, but dont even get too hot before it to
    happen it lead me to believe that it happens suddenly after the resistors
    I thougt about putting higher rated resistors (1w or so) but as the BD’s
    are hot too maybe this would solve nothing.

    Really, any help would be very apreciated!

    My regards,

  2. Great! I build it myself and its a really good schematic! One question: Can
    I place the mosfets on one uninsulated heatsink? I mean, can their pin4
    share a heatsink without insulation?

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