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    Razor has an answer to the Xootr , September 29, 2009
    I have so many scooters I bought on Amazon. was my absolute favorite. the Goped because of the high load capacity and its soft comfy tires For those who think a scooter, you can use the following comparison to what I have experienced and read
    tires Ride :.
    first razor A5 – Tires are firm but you wont rattle your teeth because the tires are so great because they are so big, very small bumps in the road are not noticeable, it slides very well, even if the tires are narrow because it is so great …, the result of taking a pretty deep crack on the sidewalk to let me down 10.9
    second Xootr -. tires are not too big, if you feel more vibrations The longest run of extremes scooters .. fast on smooth surfaces. More dangerous on imperfect roads, well-paved roads that really are used when you want to be really sure. Result 10:08.
    third Goped – The Rolls Royce of scooter tires. These tires are big and fat, so you do not have to worry about cracks on the sidewalk. As long as it’s not a hole open man, I am confident that I can go on it. Not so far as the A5 and Xootr but not slip far behind. 10:10 weight result: 1
    . Razor A5 – It is the lightest of the 3 is less than 9 euros, based on the scale. Very easy to carry as it is not heavy and bulky. Result 10:10
    second Xootr – It is also lightweight and easy to carry. Result 10.9
    third Goped – It is difficult because it is built like a tank. Result 10.7
    ease of folding
    first Razor A5 – hands down winner. It is even easier to bend than the previous razor. Result 10:10
    second Xootr – I do not know how the design of the spindle. Result 10.5
    third Goped – Very easy to fold but primitive locking. Result 10.8
    first Razor A5 – Score 10.10
    second Xootr – Result 10:06
    third Goped – Result 10.9
    exercise: 1
    . Razor A5 – It has the platform to the lowest level, so your leg does not have to work so hard. Result 10:10
    second Xootr – It is not as low as the razor, but since the wheels have an excellent glide, there is not much effort required. 10:09
    third Goped – It is high above the ground, so that the leg has more lap for each shot. I guess if you’re tall it will not matter. 10:08 Appearance

    first Razor A5 – It’s not the prettiest thing out there. I’m not too hot on the red wheels and red handles. The aluminum frame provides all bland. When I compare her looks to a car brand, it would be a Suzuki. Result 10.6
    second Xootr – It is the Ferrari of scooters. It’s beautiful. I love the look, and so do other people. Result 10.10.
    third Goped – If the looks of the Xootr is like a Ferrari, it would be the Subaru Outback. Result 9.10. It is not flashy, but it’s just a look of quality about a
    the winner.
    Razor A5 – It is the best all around scooter I have. He is very good at all. Except for optical ***** UPDATE *****
    October 9.2009 I
    that the actions of ABEC 5 bearings replaced with Bones RED which I bought on Amazon for $ 12 for 8 bearings. Bones is the reference point for bearings skate performance. It took only 10 minutes to remove my old set and replace it with the result of the bone :.
    My A5 now glides as well as my Xootr and smoother. It is much faster. You get more distance with each goal. And since I did need 4 bearings for my A5, I still have four more as spares. I suggest doing the same thing. It’s worth it.
    ***** UPDATE April 19,2010 ******
    I conducted a simple test between my A5 and Xootr Mg. I went from a 10 degree hills, plains, first with the A5 and then the Xootr. I let gravity propel me on both cases, so that the current can occur
    test results are excluded. The
    A5 6 meters further than my Xootr. And I still feel the Reds Bones give a very smooth ride. Certainly smoother and beyond the levels of the A5 actions. But my Xootr still looks fantastic when my A5 still looks dull
    . Note: I will do another test in a few weeks. I’ll buy 2 sets of spare wheels Razor, if I. A new set of tires with the original game 1 original bearings have stocks, and another set will be Red Bones. I will test with a GPS both distance on a hill stabilizes, and acceleration.
    This is an interesting physics experiment. I want to be a definitive test. I’ll let you know.


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    title A good powerful scooter, adult size. Can the setting ex need March 31, 2009

    I bought my A5 Lux in early December 2008 also in Denver during the winter months, there are many days slipped, and I put about 100 miles on my A5 since.
    Bottom line: I like my A5 very much, I’m glad I bought it, and I would make the same choice. I would choose over a Xootr or know-Ped. (Amazon sells both, I also encourage you to check them out.).
    & amp; amp; Lt; Added April 24, 2009: Since I first published this review, I’ve heard of a few others who have that their scooters are not properly adjusted when they received it. This made the steering column feel wobbly and loose. When properly adjusted, the A5 Lux will live up to the description in the report. With such a small sample, it is difficult to tell the extent of the problem. In fairness to Razor, the user manual (which you can download Razor.com.) Said, you must make these adjustments before riding and gives clear, easy to follow instructions for them.
    Just be aware that if you buy A5, to get good results, you need to check / make adjustments when you first get get it. These adjustments are simple and can with the tools most people would already be done. See notes on my photos of the folding mechanism and quick for more information.
    If the steering column still feels loose after the adjustments described in the manual, the problem may be a loose headset. Definition headphones requires the skills and tools of mechanics, and a bike shop would probably charge you. The problem with a wireless headset in addition to the unwanted movement and the steering head will be damaged. If you get a scooter with a helmet in bulk, you can exchange & amp; amp; gt ;.
    (purchased in 2000) Before buying the A5, one of the models razor beginning of diameter 98 mm wheels I rollerblading. I do not know the model name. I’m not even sure they had model designations back then.
    contrary to what was said by a previous poster, I do not see any drop in quality between my 2000 Razor and the A5. I am an engineer and I have been repairing and maintaining my own bicycles, motorcycles and cars for about 40 years, so I think I have a pretty good understanding of machines. My A5 seems to be very good for me. Everything works fine, and treatment, the fit and finish seems to be flawless. I think the quality of materials and workmanship is very good. For example
    quality A5 compared to older razor I downloaded photo mounting the folding mechanism of the platform. A5 is continuous over the entire length of the weld seam. My old razor has little welding in the front and another short weld on the back. Apparently, the continuous weld is stronger. I would say that improving quality.
    I am 5’11 “and 165 pounds I A5 for commuting and just for fun when I commute, I wear a backpack usually weighs about 15 pounds, so .. the total weight on the scooter is about £ 180 The rated power is 220 pounds, and the A5 feels very sturdy me and my backpack, I think the rated capacity 220 pounds is realistic and perhaps even conservative, although I would not recommend more than transport.
    A5 wheels of diameter 200 mm is night and day different from my old razor. A5 is much easier to push, and coasts farther pushing, and faster downhill., large wheels also much less likely to be taken or debris on an uneven pavement or large cracks discarded. particular, it can happen to get. Obviously there is a limit to that can handle a scooter and skill of the driver is also a factor., the driver must exercise judgment. I’m just saying that if all else is equal, the A5 handles adverse conditions much better than scooters with wheel roller. I feel much safer on my A5, and would not return to my old razor for everything.
    A5 wheels and bearings have very low rolling resistance. The tires are solid urethane and very firm. This is what explains the low rolling resistance and high performance, but is also a hard turn; maybe a little harder than my old razor. As everyone knows, high-performance road bikes know is a compromise: You can have high performance and a smooth ride, but not both. Xootrs who have similar urethane tires were also reported to a hard drive. If you want a smoother ride, get a know-Ped. Handlebar height
    is good for me. The maximum height above the platform is 36.5 “measured at the top of the handles. Adjustment quick release allows you to set a lower height if you wish. Minimum height is 27.5.” The roadway width is 4.5
    . “, You can not have both feet completely on the computer side-by-side. For some people important to push for change between the legs. Minimize way … Read more code

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