recumbent urban tricycle

More info on / Urban tricycle prototype test drive Safety first and keep it cheap! Sturdy light construction, safe driver cage, full suspension, 3 cargo containers, plastic…
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20 thoughts on “recumbent urban tricycle

  1. Hi Ken. Here are some answers.
    There is room just for one adult inside the Egg, but it seem interesting to
    develop some kind of lap child seat option. I already have optional
    modified rear rack for child seat low above rear wheel. All top of the Egg
    above U bar is possible to cover with transparent plastic rain cover,
    which is possible attach in 1 minute and it folds up with U bar during
    getting in and off.
    Width 90 cm, height 145 cm and length 210 cm. Its mixed construction from
    steel and aluminum tubes and fiberglass. Weight is horrible…45kg but will
    be reduced by using aluminum only and simplification or exclusion of
    leaning mechanism.Leaning is working – but I want it stable straight and
    intuitive in turns…
    Windshield is polycarbonate.
    I hope you will collect funds for your project – happy you have kickstarter.
    Good luck and thanks for interest.

  2. haha, the crappy lense of that phone it’s filmed with makes the bike look
    wobbling. though it’s a cool bike. like it.

  3. Safety for whom? the children are certainly NOT safe! no helmets. no
    restraints, no side cover. This is a good idea for an adult, but Not with
    passengers in it’s present format.

  4. very interesting project. great design for pedal electric option. you
    should add a windshield wiper. do you have a website? to follow your

  5. A great multi function unit. Adding a cushion on the front luggage carrier
    would, to
    me would add comfort for the little guy on a longer ride

  6. Where is the advantage over a normal bike?
    Or don’t you have any balance?
    I just see extra wind resistance and weight.
    Now if you lost the pedals, added batteries and an electric motor……….

  7. Every cool, efficient thing like this, is always everywhere except America,
    where they are drowning us with their greed and giving us no way out or
    options to ease the suffering … $4 gas here we come and no way out…

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