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  1. Well, the other rear wheel, put them a decent engine and vielleichtSie have something – of course, this has already occurred. In any case, $ 5295Preisschild ensures that when you buy one, you are unique for a long time.

  2. I am trying to design and build a self-balancing unicycle my final year engineering Projekt.Weiß anyone know where I can find deep technical information on this? I am particularly interested in the steering!

  3. No amount of computer sophistication, the brake problem to solve with a wheeled vehicle. The only way to increase brake friction clutch chassis. Friction can not be increased unless it would take the rotational inertia of the ground to überwindendie driver and chassis. or very little. UndSie overtake your face in the cement plant. I know this seems obvious, Abères are many people who have not thought of, so I thought I’d be clever seineine boring and stress.

  4. * Based on a video game * I’ll leave this here: http: //images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110706033659/kirby/en/images/e/e7/Wheelie_Rider.pngAlle credit because Laboratory Nintendo / HAL

  5. If you are of legal age to be on the sidewalks to drive? I mean, I see kids on scooters and electric quads to be able to do, must have a license to drive only on the sidewalks?

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