12 thoughts on “SANYO Electric bike on snow Chicago Cycle Smithy

  1. 25 degrees? Now this is my kind of weather! Unfortunately, I’m from Texas. Under the number for the bike, I would definitely consider $ bombing 2300. It’s a beautiful bike well.

  2. Btw I agree this thing is way too expensive for what it is. I think theyreVermarktung as a fun gadget for the rich and not as a practical alternative to a scooter

  3. @ RaTTan3066 “E-bikes are not for lazy people ..” in my book, ja.Ich compare PAS (Pedal Assist) as belonging to the group Video.Elektrofahrräder in cars, motorcycles, electric Rollstuhldie is not price of exercise. NOT belongs to another, bicycles, roller skates, scooters, at least to promote a degree of movement. Do NOT Duweiß motor does not move the wheel until you start the pedals?

  4. I really want to. Sanyo Eneloop is famous for its long term sustainability and battery. Battery of this bike is reliable.

  5. Nice bike to look at but $ 2299 is way too expensive. believe me, people will not zahlenso much for a bike.

  6. I want to clarify one thing. Power cycling is not the same as electric bike. Electric bike is just another electric wheelchair for lazy people. Bicycles Servo give people a opportuinity reluctant to return the bike to start excercising, otherwise stay in the living room watching TV. There are so many people stay away from the race because they siedenken too old too heavy too steep hills in the area. His omission he Ennen an electric bike !!

  7. Electric Bikes @ Allgoo19 are not for lazy people more than cars or motorcycles. What you have is a society of people who refuse physical exertion, then complain when they are overweight and therefore verbundenendiseases..number one reason people do not bike? You can not afford können.Vielleicht recession is a good thing..people get their big lazy ass because of too!

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