17 thoughts on “Schwinn Loop folding bike mini-review

  1. @Jon, great review well done, great pointers, good editing and very easy to
    listen, to the point.
    I’m looking to buy an older model on craigslist and this helps me a lot
    making the decision and understanding what I can do to make this bike feel
    better. It will be my first folding. We’re getting a folding bike as a back
    up for when our bike brake down so we don’t have to spend on bus and have a
    longer commute (we had some major issues and with our busy life and the
    fact our “repair shop” is our packing spot in the basement garage it can
    take a few days some times weeks if we have to order parts to repair our
    bike). We don’t have room in our small condo for 3rd bike as a spare. It’s
    also great for picking up a car2go or to mix car2go and biking when you
    can’t bike to or back from work one day. We’ve look at the Free2Go small
    bike rack that fit good on the car2go but we learned that the company
    (car2go) doesn’t allow it. 🙁

    So all and all we ended with this solution and hope we see other use for
    the folding spare bike. It can be a great bike for or visitor too. 

  2. Hi I bought this bike a few days ago and noticed the handlebar and stem are
    welded. My problem is the bike is 5º-10º left offset to the front wheel.
    Had the handlebar been attached to the stem via the conventional bolts, it
    would have been an easy fix through simple twist. But because this is
    welded to the stem/post, I don’t know if the stem can be adjusted at the
    local bike shop to align with the front wheel and remove the offset?

    I look like turning all the time when biking straight.

    Thank for your thoughts

  3. Dahon has a 21 inch seat post with a pump built in, if it is smaller the
    your hole you can get shim’s. downtube; sells seat post as well. e-bay has
    folding handle bar stems that are nice. any how if you could tell me if the
    front chain ring can be as large as a 52 that would be great. thank you

  4. we have a thrifty outfitters here they sew heavy grade outdoor material,
    look into that type of outfit to perhaps make you a better bag. thank you
    for your review.

  5. smart designers/engineer a few steel parts probly keeps cost down, only the
    rack has to use bungee cords or ? to hold items, Im going to buy one thanks
    for the info

  6. hey jonnyGURU, what FSA crankset did you use? I need to replace the
    crankest on mine but it appears to be a 165mm crankset… does FSA make
    one? I’d love to see a follow up video if you get around to it!

  7. @jonnyGURU What is the max distance i can get from the pedal (at the top of
    its rotation) to the top of the seat? And at that distance would the seat
    be the same parallel as the handlebar?

  8. thanks for this review. could you post the brands of the parts that you
    would recommend as replacements for the parts that can be replaced to make
    the bike lighter, pls find the cheapest ones that of course are not trash.

  9. I’m interested in this bike, but I’m afraid I might be to tall. I’m 6′ 1″,
    do you think I would have any problem riding this???

  10. Good news! The Nitto 460MM seatpost has a lower minimum insertion mark than
    the stock steel post. The result is you can have the Nitto seatpost maxed
    out height wise (if you’re 6’3″) and not lose any height over the stock
    seat post!

  11. Loop has been upgraded with Nitto seatpost, Bontrager seat, Tekpro brakes,
    FSA crankset and BB, Rohloff hollow pin chain and MKS pedals. Bike rides
    smooooooooooooth. I’ll upload a video once everything is tweaked.

  12. @jonnyGURU How is that going for you? I’m looking forward to seeing this
    video. I hope you’ll also include information about where you got them as
    well. I just ordered this off amazon for $250, but I’m sure that with
    biking season being here it wasn’t gonna drop in price anytime soon so i
    took the plunge on the price.

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