11 thoughts on ““Solar electric bicycle” ride – no battery power required

  1. seriously!?? this is great specially for people who are not fun of using
    cars when going to work… nice one..!

  2. Awesome! This is inspiring and very cool to see! It is a start to something
    that can be real effective and useful! Keep it up man!!!
    Thank you for spending the time and money to show how this can be done.

  3. seriously. Attach more panels. Why not to you? Three on your helmet. Two on
    your back. Two on each arm. etc. = twice the power. 

  4. It is a good demonstration of how little power solar panels produce.
    Politicians should watch this be fore giving away our taxes to ineffective
    grid connect schemes

  5. front and rear arrays wired in parallel provides more amps/torque. Sure I
    could build a single wheel trailer and place more panels later in the
    future… but project Solar-Cross is about using just two wheels and being
    portable and as lightweight as possible…

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