1. Hey Guys, I really appreciate the feedback and cooments for my work.
    Someone says its right and someone says its fake or worst idea. Both are
    quite ok in my opinion. But I would like to clarify one thing about this
    concept and work. This is just to show the part of concept physically on
    bicycle. Thats why in existing design, it shows resistance and drag from
    the wind comming from front but the actual concept is quite different.
    After going thru research papers/patents etc only I tried somewhat. Bt I
    need some time/money to show the real concept. 

  2. The bicycle and rider are constantly pushing against the headwind. The wind
    turbine in the front simply uses some of this energy to recharge the
    electric battery. This will make the system more efficient than it is
    without the wind turbine. It doesn’t make it a PPM (perpetual motion
    machine). That’s obvious. It’s too bad some of the commenters get so
    trained in hopelessness and thinking they know everything, and think they
    know that everything has been tried already, that they stop experimenting
    like this guy is doing. Thank you for a great video. PS The wind turbine
    might be made more pointed or streamlined; possibly could use the Gorlov
    Helical Turbine, a very efficient VAWT, can mount horizontally, or possibly
    end to end aligned along direction of travel.

  3. Wtf …what kind of project is this , just attaching a solar plate to an
    electric bike .The energy to drive that fan should also be taken from that
    electric motor , reducing the amount of power delivering to wheels 

  4. Mishra, this video and your idea is an example of what is wrong with India.
    We don’t think before we put our hare brained idea into practice. There is
    no such thing as free energy from the small fan you put in front. This is a
    drag on the bike. This is a stupid idea and a scam.

  5. Ditch the fan. It adds more wind resistance than it makes in energy. It is
    useful if you’re stopped at the top of a windy mountain but for most
    purposes it’s better with the fan detachable.

  6. لو مستخدم مروحة سبلت يكون افضل اوماطور كهربائي به فحمات مثل او داينمو
    سيارة يفتر مع ويل ايوفر طاقة كهربائية بس فكرة جيدة اول مرة

  7. Brothers iam Size pluse i weight 130 kg , i just like to share if you make
    for size plus vechile (that vechile should be used for trecking, claiming
    in the mountains, use in the mud road and has to have strongest with
    pilllani ceat , i found israel company has done a locker with the seat so
    you can get reference and good thought of generating some solor power and
    can be saved and can be used

  8. The fan part… it’s b.s. It only slows down the bike. The negligible
    electric output from the fan is nothing else than a small part of the solar
    power you already acquired by the photovoltaic panel, converted into
    kinetic energy (the forward motion of the bike), reconverted (with loss of
    enegy due to conversion) back into electricity. Pointless bullshit.

  9. What is the fan for? I would never use one as a wind turbine or power
    generator. By the way, there is a battery on the back of the bike.

  10. This is very good and innovative. It should be popularized in our country.
    How much will be the cost kindly mail me.

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