Specialized Turbo Electric Bike Review

http://electricbikereview.com/specialized/turbo/ Sturdy, thoughtfully designed, fast and efficient. The first electric bike from Specialized! It isn’t cheap …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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11 thoughts on “Specialized Turbo Electric Bike Review

  1. I new way to inflate the price of a bike – retrofit it with an electric
    motor. $8000 for a bike…I’ll pass

  2. I actually support people using electric bikes.. I must say though it is
    absolutely sickening the profit margin these companies are making..6000
    dollar bike with a 250 watt motor.. You can buy a solid specialized bike
    (with front suspension ) for 800… Put a good 1000 watt motor (with
    batteries,controller etc) for about 1,000… (you know they get the parts
    for under 700)… so how does a 1,500 dollar bike turn into 6,000… Even
    with some mark up for the electric components … 2,200… So basically for
    adding a 700 dollar in parts electric option they are charging you an extra
    5.200 dollars… Companies get far too greedy….Keep in mind the way I
    priced it would be a good quality bike of their’s in a similar
    configuration .. Save yourself the cash and do some youtube research.. And
    you will get a bike with front suspension 

  3. What’s great about this bike is how much it looks like a regular bicycle.
    Talk about Stealth. That’s also the feature I kind of like the least,
    because uppity jerks already complain that we’re cheaters, and this bike
    makes it look like you’re trying to cheat. I’m more of a “in yo face” kind
    of guy like it ,or lump it, as I leave you in my tire dust LOL. I’m not
    that good at subtle. This bike is for the person that wants a bike with a

  4. It’s funny you mention the Stromer bikes because I call them out in
    comparison to the Turbo in the full written review. Long story short, I
    like the Turbo the best because it’s so refined, stiff and smooth to ride –
    especially the electric assist. The downside is obviously the higher cost.

  5. What is your opinion on how the Turbo compares to the BH Neo Race? The
    Turbo looks more integrated / better designed, but the Race is lighter and
    seems to ride more like a ‘real’ road bike (once you replace its cheesy

  6. I like the design of the Turbo. Since I ride and like the ST1 Platinum
    every e-bike I rode so far falls short. I will try to request the Turbo for
    an extended test ride.

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