[SRD Community] The Dangerous Cyclists/Electric Bicycles

[SRD Community] The Dangerous Cyclists/Electric Bicycles

The dangerous cyclists/electric bicycles compilation. Here are some examples why these cyclists on their bicycle/electric bicycle/motorised bicycle are awaiting for accident to happen. Cyclists…
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9 thoughts on “[SRD Community] The Dangerous Cyclists/Electric Bicycles

  1. It is their own life the cyclists are putting a risk on… If they don’t
    treasure it… Nobody is going to…. With the ways how some of them are
    riding… It will not be long before they will never get a chance to see
    another day.

  2. I still.think instead of asking the drivers and motorists to go n relearn
    our driving skills…

    Cyclists ( speed below 40) should have a special license. If not will get
    fine $5000 for any violation.

    So dangerous … once I even saw them cycling on express ways….Omg ..


  3. Bi-Cyclist, I know you don’t pay Road-Tax but just think how much is your
    life worth, and obey traffic laws.

    Knocked down by a vehicle, the driver only may losses his/her license.
    Would you have your life being crippled forever or your loved one grieving
    for you?

  4. That’s why I hate cyclists. Roads are for vehicle not cyclists. Some
    cyclists don’t know what is rules.

    No cyclists are allow on public road, fail to do so, end up fine or jail.
    –> How I wish this rule can add up our Singapore’s law. 

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