15 thoughts on “Stealth Bomber electric bike burn after work

  1. Thanks mate. Enjoyed the ride and tunes. Don’t worry about the small
    minded keyboard haters. I know those tracks backwards and what e-biking is
    about. Looked fine to me.
    So it the Stealth Bomber worth it. Speed, range, reliability etc

  2. ‘Poseidon’ & ‘Neptune’ would wish you moved to Richmond, Virginia, (USA).
    Yes, it’s cryptic, but now you are ’18’, and have your license, you should
    be able to figure it out (like I did). Send me a private message for
    decryption if you don’t get it. My Dyson eBike is a wimp compared to your
    beast ! 😉 

  3. I hate your bike A LOT. What type of healthy man rides a electronically
    assited mountain bike? You are taking all of the man out of it. So
    basically you are saying you like riding bikes so that you can be lazy and
    do nothing? You are PATHETIC, these e-bikes are PATHETIC> Ride a real
    mountain bike, ride some real trails, and pedal like a fucking man… This
    ebike garbage is for bitches with small dicks. Disgusted with this big

  4. Thanks you for adding 100 complains about fast e bikes….
    I really hate these idiots…
    Its these people that cause these bikes to be banned..

  5. 13:10 I mean here’s another example. It’s a park footpath but there are
    lots of side openings and you’re shooting past them. Let’s not even forget
    the guys walking across the footbridge and the dude who was jogging. Did
    you let them know you were coming with a shout/bell?

  6. Fast ride down pavement too. God, why do you have to ride like a dick?
    People emerging from shops don’t expect some lunatic doing 20-25 past them.
    If someone gets hit, it isn’t their fault for ‘not looking’ as the pavement
    is the pedestrian’s domain. I would have even gone a bit slower past that
    dog. Dogs can be dumb. I’ve had one STILL run in front of me, even at a
    slow speed. It then proceeded to think I was attacking it 😛

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