14 thoughts on “Stealth Electric Bikes – Stealth Fighter Test Ride

  1. I don’t know why but I cant stop laughing about 0:21 It sounds like you
    were about to say something and the brakes interrupted you hahaha.

  2. No way Ariderslife on the one thing I want more than a motorbike! How have
    I not seen this video before!! Reall excited to hear what you have to say
    about it.

  3. +Alek Korman where do you live. i have been working since i was 13.
    unless you live out in the middle of butfuck nowhere i dont see the problem
    in getting a small part-time job.

  4. you can’t ride a bicycle on a sidewalk anyway, it’s illegal a cop will give
    you a summons/ticket if I had one choice I’d go for a motorcycle not the

  5. $2000 aint going to buy you a ‘pro bike’, buddy. believe me, i’ve owned my
    fair share of Cannondales and Specilized’s

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