11 thoughts on “Stromer electric bike ST1 2013 Platinum Review

  1. I just want to be able to bike as a whole at least once in the video to see, but it’s just very big plans. Learn how to mix a little, just a tip.

  2. thanks M8; but I’ve changed my mind and ordered ConwayE extreme-Rider E-Bike with 1100 W and 2 * 9 = 18 transition model; for me, you will be almost the same price; Extreme biking and extreme position compared zustromer.

  3. I would say that this version is better for active people who want a major exercise instead of cruising. It does not feel like cheating (gerademir). To do all this gear sense. With more torque, even eskann be one.

  4. Platinum has less torque, but more elite. and it is not the goal, 27 speed. three front hub gear is then an advantage disorders. Siekann “not changed then rear gear shaft without shift paddles. Sodumm. From 500W motor, you do not need more than four courses.

  5. My lazy party preferred the original Stromer with important “wow”. Platinum will be the argument away from the enemy group, say there is no movement in the value of e-bikes. Yes, it is!

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