Stromer Sport electric bike review The Stromer electric bike by Stromer is currently one of the most powerful and highest quality elec…
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18 thoughts on “Stromer Sport electric bike review

  1. +latinobiker The Stromer is modeled after a mountain bike frame,
    incorporating features like front suspension and thicker tires that can
    handle rougher terrain. However, its motor is powerful enough that it does
    actually feel very sporty and high performance like a road bike, especially
    the ST1 Platinum model. There are also more traditional road bike models
    fit with electric motors like the BionX Crosstown:

  2. The most common thing these kinds of bikes lack are thought to safety,
    Where are the front and rear lights?(they should be standard) optional
    blinkers and a 3 speed switch for the different road conditions that every
    bike faces at some point while riding? also what about the option to add
    extra battery packs to it if you wanted to help make it last even longer
    for the road?

  3. Our first post is showing off the video review of the Stromer electric
    bike. Watch below, a really awesome ebike.

  4. $2,800 ?
    I can buy a car with that
    A battery and an electric motor cant be worth two and a half grand
    this is a rip off

  5. Nicest electric bike I’ve seen so far…

    Stromer electric bike review – the best electric bicycle

  6. Just finished up our Stromer electric bike Video. Got some helicopter shots
    in there as well, check it out.

  7. Hi Mike, did a quick search but couldn’t find your order with us. Call us
    if you purchased the bike from us and we walk you trough it or call the
    dealer you purchased it from, they are required support you. – Bert

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