Stromer ST1 Platinum Electric Bike in for Review | Electric Bike Report

Here is the full review with more info: Here is the fast (28 mph) Stromer ST1 Platinu…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 thoughts on “Stromer ST1 Platinum Electric Bike in for Review | Electric Bike Report

  1. If I was single and lived somewhere warm, I’d have no reservations about
    paying 4000 dollars for a bike like this because you wouldn’t need a car.
    Living in Canada (nasty winters) and having a family makes such a price tag
    unreasonable (I can buy a used car for that price). 

  2. I am considering buying an electric bike like this one as a main mode of
    transportation. Is it water resistant?? 

  3. i live in Germany and i think i want an e-bike for exercise but also to
    help with hilly inclines. Would e-bike help make that easier? Also, to
    recharge it..does it use only 110 or 220 or both? I dont know if i want an
    American (110) or European (220)? thanks for your help. Brian Wiesbaden,

  4. You change the gears just like on the regular bicycles. Since the torque is
    lesser than slower models, gears and an experience with changing them makes
    a good sense.

  5. well over all not bad…great in some areas…power at 500 w is not good.
    my HPC is 2000 w and much better….and the hpc has a 5000w yeah. LOVE the
    battery in frame !! love the tires over all build not bad but make a
    cruiser towny model type available .they feel great. for mostly in
    town..great job! would consider being a dealer. lets talk details. call
    anytime 661 326 1604 ask for tee.

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