14 thoughts on “Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality Bike Trainer Review

  1. Nice review. I will be looking into this TACX system based on this. I
    appreciate the time you took to do this.

  2. Cool! You’ve got the Specialized Secteur Disc? It’s an awesome bike… just
    looks completely awesome with that paint job and the disc brakes 😀

  3. Yeah might not be as good as other same priced bikes but sure looks the
    part lol.disk brakes are the future in road bikes

  4. I purchased it because I’m excited about virtual reality fitness stuff and
    the Matrix. I decided to sell it because I’m selling/giving away most of my
    stuff to travel around the country visiting family and doing ebike stuff.
    I’m in Vegas at Interbike right now. The review covers most of my feelings:
    expensive, not that fun 🙂

  5. I’m also interested for your bike trainer, please send me your email
    account on youtube via pm, so we can communicate. Thanks

  6. Thanks for the response. I didn’t mean to be harsh. I just race against a
    lot of people who have no idea how to get through a corner, and I can
    imagine them training on this all winter only to discover true physics come

  7. It’s not a perfect emulation, I can imagine the day when leaning and
    finessing the handlebars will accurately communicate into a computer game.
    I really wanted to hook this up to the Oculus Rift for full virtual reality
    but realized that it would just make the headset very sweaty.

  8. Hi again Jeff, I’m actually selling the exact setup you see here. The bike,
    computer and stand. Reach out or comment here if you’re interested. I live
    in Austin but could probably ship if you’re willing to front the cost.

  9. Do you purchase these just to review them? or is there something you don’t
    like about it? Just curious as to why are you selling it. I’m reviewing
    trainers right now and I have given very minimal consideration to this one.

  10. Hi Jeff, I think the uphill resistance in these games is harder than in
    real life because it doesn’t simulate momentum very well and is just
    generally hard. The motor does kick in when rolling downhill but not nearly
    as long as if you were coasting in real life. If you’ve ever done BMX or
    just rolled with your bike over mountain terrain where you pump your body
    and keep the bike going without pedaling then imagine that you couldn’t do
    that and always had to pedal. It’s kind of like that.

  11. Ha! Good point, I was underwhelmed by this product for sure (especially
    given how expensive it is). The responsiveness and sensitivity of the
    turning system in general is very clunky and the games just aren’t that
    fun. I want Burnout 3 powered by a bike system like this and I want better
    coasting emulation, that would be awesome! To your point however, yeah,
    it’s mostly about muscle strength than balance.

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