Take the electric bike! FlyKly at CES 2015


This video is enabled by http://koss.com This course is an option pricer, but I think there may be fantastic for electrical functions, want to add to them, ..

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16 thoughts on “Take the electric bike! FlyKly at CES 2015

  1. What do you think? Would you rather buy a bike for your existing bike or buy a new electronic functions of derFabrik?

  2. I do not know. Not pleased with the bike you get a workout while getting to travel? That’s what I like about it.

  3. I think $ 1,100 is a bit exaggerated. I know that research and prototyping This amazing piece of equipment is not cheap, but the price is so vielwie always a really good, lightweight bike ..

  4. I was thinking of something like $ 299 actually do something this cheap. When you consider that it’s literally a motor, battery and probably a kind of Arduino chip as in one case.

  5. Guests are always Dash Bragi? I really want to know your audio setting exception to this truly innovative headphones.

  6. $ 1100 is too much for this thing. 200 or more dollars would have been a better price. Might as well get a new computer instead.

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