The 6 Sound Bicycle Horn Alarm Instructions And In Depth Review

This is a comprehensive instructional and review video of the Model JY-142 6 sound electric bicycle horn alarm. This video will show you how to set it up, install and test it out in traffic….
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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19 thoughts on “The 6 Sound Bicycle Horn Alarm Instructions And In Depth Review

  1. Awful cycling for a start, and a pathetic immature toy. If I saw another
    cyclist use that horn I would think they were having a joke. It’s a
    seriosuly pointless, stupid and dangerous product in my opinion.

  2. В городе разрешается использовать звуковой сигнал только для предотвращения
    дорожно – транспортного происшествия. Без особой необходимости сигналить
    нельзя. Правила дорожного движения. 🙂 Интересно к велосипедам это
    относится? Тоже участник движения.

  3. Hmmm I thought riding on side walks and against traffic is against the law
    in your location… just wondering. By the way you should always yield to
    pedestrians. It is also against the law to unnecessarily use horns,
    whistles and the like.

  4. Correct me if i`m wrong but a 6 sound bike horn MIGHT be aimed at kids to
    signal and use for fun , not grownass men riding like retards in the city
    blasting 90db 2feet from someone walking…

  5. You ride like an absolute a$$hole, which in turn creates more hazard for
    all other cyclists. Thanks for nothing, you jackass amateur.

  6. What kind of hybrid are you riding, that has hydraulic brakes, and
    apperently need one(that lights up) gearshift?

  7. First, your riding on the sidewalk and that’s against the law. Second, your
    supposed to yield to pedestrians. Third, why are you riding against
    traffic? That’s ALSO illegal. And lastly, the horn cycles through the
    sounds, and that makes it useless. 

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