14 thoughts on “The best pedal assisted electric scooter moped in the UK

  1. 15mph??? that’s embarrassing and a danger on the road. Can it be
    de-restricted? what would be the max speed if it can be de-restricted?

  2. Very nice scooter and video. The trouble for us here in the US, however, is
    that it is almost nowhere legal to ride either a moped or moped-like
    vehicle like this without license, registration and insurance. It is quite
    discouraging for the US consumer to have such a wonderful array of
    vehicles, such as this, available and yet beyomd legal reach. I do hope
    manufacturers get on the ball and see this plight of US consumers who are
    waiting and anxious to buy but simply cannot because of legal restrictions.
    My estimate is that there are billions of dollars waiting to be spent on
    these vehicles if only the ridiculous legal restrictions were removed.

  3. you state that they are road legal in the UK and EU, but is this wrong?
    twist and go throttles in EU are banned, unless the moped is licensed and
    insured its not road legal. Could you clarify please, ie does it conform to

  4. Hi Nomad722. No that’s not correct at all! Please refer to this link;


    All our electric scooters conform to the above and are 100% road legal.
    Furthermore we and many of our 100s of customers have had these bikes
    inspected by the police and other legal bodies and all of them have
    confirmed their legality.


    Nicholas J Bull


    ePed Electric Vehicles Ltd

  5. Hi i’m 14 years old i live in bradford that has quite alot of hills and i
    do not have alot of money how could i get this scooter for cheap and would
    this scooter be good on hills?

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