20 thoughts on “The electric bicycle e-Rockit

  1. You are cordially invited to test RV-120 engine, it is great outrunner brushless motor, .https: low KV, easy, you can see //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = zNi894ruqD8

  2. The Brammo is an electric motorcycle. The driver of a eRockit gets pedaling like a bicycle and can keep up th traffic. Movement undschnellen transportation!

  3. I was a little shocked that it costs about $ 40,000 is. This is absolutely absurd. Iwas very optimistic until I heard the price. You must werdenabgesenkt something to sell and / or make a difference. Great job, though. price Nurschlechter 🙁

  4. There are lots of great technology out there right now, but it does not spread fast enough, because the inventors want too much for their inventions. I get to be paid wollenum, but every thing, even if you and I got out of the earth, soEverthing should belong to everyone. Be plans inventions solltezu shared a reasonable price, so that new technology can suffocate undWir old tech could bring about the end of the power barons.

  5. eRockit that is incredible. something I never imagined. Fastest SiePedal more cycling goes, I really like, only negative … “DerPREIS” 🙁

  6. even so much as one – it was on TV the price of € 12,500 car Announced! and now travel with a maximum speed of 100 km / h …. enough to dieAutobahn !! Very cool idea anyway

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