The Electric XB-310Li X-Treme – Electric Bicycle Product Specifications: Power: Electric Watts: 300 Watt Motor Type: Brushless Hub Motor – Motor is in center of rear wheel Gears & Speed’s: 7 Speed…
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6 thoughts on “The Electric XB-310Li X-Treme – Electric Bicycle

  1. Just got an XB-310Li bike. Super bike if you’re 6’2″ or more. The seat
    height sucks. I lowered the seat
    8″ with a real hack job and loss of the rear rack. The bike goes better
    than I expected with the weenie
    24V 8AH Li battery and 500W hub. An outstanding value at the just over
    $700. one may be purchased.
    It actually has stainless spokes, good quality rims and tires (tacky
    whitewalls) and the disc brakes and
    other hardware are of surprisingly good quality. 

  2. X-treme Ebikes
    Dear Sir:
    I have an X-treme Ebike folding model XB-310 -200 , with an extra
    Phylion DC25-9V battery, that I bought from you several years ago.
    I am quite pleased with the bike and the batteries, but I recently
    misplaced the wire and connector that is needed to recharge the battery.
    The battery input is on its front side, round, about half an inch in
    diameter, and the female pin has a hot voltage , a white insulator around
    it, and then ground on the outer ring. It resembles a female RCA connector.
    On the male connecting pin, a two wire cable that should be connected to
    the car battery, or to a 12V DC power supply, is about six feet long and
    the other end has two bare pins that can be inserted into the power supply
    output pins.

    So now I have a good bike, two Lithium ion batteries but no way to recharge
    the batteries.

    Please send me a replacement cable with a male input to the battery and
    bare pins or anything
    That is used to supply the recharge DC voltage to the battery, and an
    invoice for the cost so that
    I can pay you (I also have a charge card). Of course, you realize I can
    not use the bike very well without the battery, so I
    Would appreciate a prompt response.

    Thank You,

    Roland Org

    519 S. Willowspring Drive
    Encinitas, California, 92024
    Phone: (760) 436 3867


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