13 thoughts on “The end of gas powered motorcycles? The Zero S electric motorcycle demo ride! I was wrong!

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  2. If anybody thinks i ride like a jerk, I made this video just for YOU! 😉 Bikers
    are JERKS!! Lanesplitting debate, tips and laws

  3. nice nice. I woud’ve never even thought about the concept of electric
    bikes. Seems so simple. It’s interesting nonetheless. I definitely need to
    try one of these.

  4. LOL, what a great test-ride. I gotta ride an electric one of these days.
    Your laugh is awesome man, don’t change haha. Our bike-swap vid is still in
    editing but it’s frackin’ awesome.

    Placebo Clutch™!

    One great thing about that electric-motor (one of many) is that you can
    vlog without competing with the sound of the exhaust! But, people probably
    won’t hear you coming….and cagers are already kinda oblivious sometimes.
    But, same issue with electric cars too.

    You should record your maniacal giggling and make that be the sound the
    bike makes as you ride-around! LOL! :D

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  6. had a few questions!
    First off awesome video! i love electric cars and bikes. id really like one
    in the future sometimes soon!
    I dont know a ton about bikes so all your riding equipment on, Arent you on
    fire in all that?
    -Im assuming where you are riding in between cars, thats only legal in
    What is the camera you are using and how is it set up? you are speaking
    real clear! wonder how!
    You also earned yourself a subscriber!

  7. Awesome post. New battery and capacitor technologies are quickly emerging
    which is going to give electric vehicles the same range if not a little
    longer than combustion engines. Its amazing the amount of instant torque
    available with electric and how far the technology has come over the past
    few years. 

  8. how about cruisers? cafe racers really are not comfortable to ride for any

    You know you are a really dangerous rider, Its a wonder you are still

  9. So where do you put the radio, does it have a 12v socket for accessories?
    Does it really do a genuine 200 miles as someone else said?
    How long does it take to charge up and what is the lowest possible power
    output from a socket to charge it, ie a generator?

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