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    title Works great as a substitute for a monitor Garmin March 1, 2013
    My chest strap Garmin was worthless. It works really well and get worse over time. I have a 13-mile training run, and it showed my average heart rate was 230 bpm. That’s when I decided to make this strap Polar, as I heard Garmin worked with and actually showed the right heart rate. Indeed, it fits and works perfectly! It is also very convenient. I can find no fault in this belt and can smoothly with the monitor Garmin-monitor (only bend your old Garmin strap and snap this Polar. strap webbing Since Garmin has much worse over time, I’ll post a follow-up 6 months or more on how it works in time


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    title works fine July 21, 2012
    I lost my old band and I must admit that the “soft tape” is an important step in its predecessor Compatible with Polar transmitter, it is high


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