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  1. When i can Do 65mph on the freeway for 300 miles on 1 single charge then i
    will be impressed. That will be the day i buy one as a commuter bike. 

  2. Am I the only person who saw a problem with the entire way this review was
    done? Not to mention the fact that they stop for a few drinks that turns
    into eight beers between three guys right before they get back on the road.

  3. Piece of techno crap, pure shit, and electric isn’t the way forward at all,
    hydrogen is. 100 mile range aye, then you gotta wait a day to charge the
    shit heap.

  4. 2:44 exactly why i don’t like electric bikes, it doesn’t ride like a
    motorcycle so stop calling it that… it’s a 2 wheeled electric wheelchair
    with a layout that is reminiscent of a motorcycle. i really hope this never
    breaks trough, there are other more fun ways of eco-friendly motorcycles
    that still sound and ride like a petrol-powered bike

  5. So if it has a range of 58 miles and batteries last 500 charges I have pay
    thousands for new batteries in about 30,000 miles? How much are batteries
    because the rest of the bike is probably worth about 500 bucks if that.

  6. What about the Mission R. 160 hp at the rear wheel. 120 ft/lbs of torque
    beginning at 0 RPM. 150 mph top speed. 0-60 in under 3 seconds. ¼ mile in
    10.492 seconds with a 140 mile range. Electrics are not as fast as gas
    powered? NOT TRUE. Granted the price is crazy ($60,000.00) and really only
    people like Jay Leno can afford it but the point is, as the technology gets
    better, battery improvements etc, the price will drop. So while I agree
    that electrics are not really great (for now) for distance riders, for city
    commutes, they are awesome and less expensive to run. One more little
    comment, if you park a gas powered bike is a garage for 10 years everything
    will seize up and the bike will not run. Do the same with an electric for
    100 years and it will charge and run, no problems.

  7. OK; so it can only go 53 miles before it has to be recharged. And that
    takes 5 hours! If I commute to work on my Sportster, I have to keep up
    with traffic going the 70 MPH speed limit, & it is ~ 35 miles each way.
    I’d never get home. My Sportster has a 3 gallon tank & gets ~ 50 mpg; even
    more if I use real gasoline instead of gasohol. I can get 2 round trips
    out of a single tank of gas. Here’s a thought: Why not make a diesel
    powered motorcycle? My VW diesel Beetle with a 5 speed manual transmission
    gets > 50 mpg, while my wife’s gas powered 6 speed Audi A3 gets only 35. 

  8. Side effect of electric transportation is you can leave the middle east to
    its perpetual blood sport and they will go broke killing each other to the
    end of time. Because they won’t be able to sell oil anymore. Then they can
    leave the rest of us to live our lives in peace.

  9. If you run out of gas on the scooter you get the same effect as running out
    of charge on the EV Bike; his jaded attitude about being scared on the side
    of the freeway was unnecessary and shows how his lack of knowledge of
    burning up the 9 KWHs going up hills would translate into less overall
    mileage: It takes more power to go up hill than straight flat land. His
    complaint was about how it should break 100+ miles, but, being ignorant
    about how energy usage works he goes up hill pushing the bikes batteries to
    deliver more horsepower up the hill faster faster faster and is not
    educated enough to know this will drain the battery faster and reduce the
    over all range the bike can now travel. I think the bike manufacture might
    have grounds for slandering and miss representing the bike to the general
    public since it is “a commuter bike” and not a back country hills bike.

  10. The rider of the bike was being such a little bitch about it. Hes too risk
    averse to be riding something new.

  11. This video is pretty stupid. Because they forced the motorcycle to run out
    the battery. If you use it you don’t get involved in this situation. The
    energy meter is informing you all the time about the mileage left.

  12. The acceleration of the 2012 Zero DS is like from a Honda CBR500R and I am
    geting 65- 75 miles with my 2012 Zero DS.
    You have to lernt to drive an electric bike.

  13. Clearly, electric bikes are not going to replace anything soon. He rode
    the bike like a motorcyclist would. Bike fails at every level. I would
    rather ride a scooter than push a bike. If you want to use it to ride
    somewhere close, maybe. Other than that, it’s useless. $14,000? For
    what? Remember that electric is not free either. Always a cost tradeoff.

  14. At this point petrol bikes are still superior to the Zeros in most
    respects. But if you compare the running cost over a 10 year time frame the
    electric bikes already have a huge advantage. The electric motor for
    example might need some routine maintenance every 40 years or so. The
    batteries will continue to improve and it is possible that we will see a
    300 mile range on a full charge in the next 5 years. The shocking truth is
    that electric bikes are here to stay.

  15. now there much better I ned one that does a good 200 miles on one charge
    and capable of doing 110 and dirt bike style !!!!!! then ill take out
    loan and buy it

  16. Must say your commentary is more honest then most on the tube. As a biker
    of 47 years, and owner near everything out here except a HD, the Zero has
    little appeal except that it it is unique. As a marketing /sales consultant
    Zero has miss its mark. One of the bikes I owned was my 79 CBX. This bike
    ( as you may know) was unique in the 6 cylinder. What a fine looking
    machine and formidable, Even had a cop stop me on a hwy just to take a look
    ( I was doing 110 plus). Alas, poor handling and sat very high. I’m tall
    though. . 

  17. Worst review ever! A foul mouthed dumb idiot determined to not give
    electric bikes a chance. /DRIVE do yourself a favor and remove this video
    as it’s your worst one to date. 

  18. Moronic review. Use it around town and for commuting – like its designed
    for… not pinning it up and down mountains and wondering why you used all
    the charge. The Zero’s battery life was a victim of your stupidity. And
    wash your mouths out – horrific language.

  19. Wes Siler is the best reviewer. He tells it like it is. Tell me you
    wouldn’t be pissed if your bike couldn’t keep up on the highway after just
    58 miles.

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