9 thoughts on “Understanding Unsprung Weight in Electric Bikes – Rear Hub Motors vs. Mid Drive

  1. Hello friend! I Bh neo cross 36v12A and weight of the engine in the rear
    makes sure that my tire still looks flat. I popped once and remove the rear
    wheel not easy. This is my first electric bike. Next year I will ascend
    above the Neo cross a Bafang BBS02 500 watts. What engine will choose to
    use the same, mid-drive or a hub motor ?
    Thank you for your videos and test

    Sabel From Marseille city (France)

  2. on a peddle bike with no damping in the suspension I have a feeling that
    some added unspring weight would help the handling and traction. Ever ride
    a motorcycle or motocrosser with the rebound damping dialed out? Its
    sketchy as hell. But as far as being easier on spokes and rims… if you
    are planning on a mountiain bikign for reall then I wouldnt use a hub motor
    simply because it will be much harder on spokes and rims that werent made
    for it.

  3. What a stupid video! A bike that carries a battery should be ridden with
    care. I have a 2400W on my bike and 63km/h. My bike rides nice and smooth.
    Unsprung weight, what a shittalk.

  4. Less weight= Faster acceleration= Efficiency = Battery savings = More
    travel distance.

    * weight is centered on bike meaning you have more control.
    * The controller is integrated in the motor
    * motor is installed to bike frame making theft difficult.
    * Using your gears like a transmission you build speed and momentum
    * set-up takes a few more minutes to install but its worth security, if the
    proper tools are used like an impact gun, it makes it impossible to remove
    by hand.

    -If someone decides to steal your bike they have 2 options.

    ***Dismantle the bike where it is with the proper and special tools
    ***Cut the lock avoiding attention from bystanders


    Most people would choose option B.
    if a gps is added via bike frame
    tracking your bike will allow you to send
    that person behind bars. 

  5. Thank you for your videos that I find very useful !
    Legislation powerful engine in France is 250 watt. 500 watts would be
    perfect especially when utile intra urban roads. Maybe the European Union
    will change to legalize 500 watts. I look forward to the future with great
    video BBS02.

    Have good day !

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