18 thoughts on “VeloMini Folding Electric Bicycle Bike and the T-1 Bicycle Trailer and Luggage

  1. In my Psychic mind I see a State or Local Policeman in Podunk, USA itching
    to issue a citation to a rider of one of those…Bitch slapping the People
    and stealing money for the man one ticket at a time.

  2. I fix those bikes here in Israel and those are some aweful bikes, low
    quality controller and battery which are not suited for each other and
    makes for bad speed and traveling distance, also its a 24V battery which is
    pretty much sucks.. and there are some braking-frames problems, i’ll say
    every one of them will break after about a year-2 years of riding them.
    i like to take the battery and the controller out of the frame and replace
    them with a 36V 10AH system, which gives you alot more power, nicer ride,
    and a quality battery (panasonic battery) you can take out easily 

  3. Very nice, that is cheap. A hi tech electric bike here in the Netherlands
    costs about 2000 Euros, They sell like hotcakes because Europeans have
    money unlike Americans, 

  4. Not sure that I’d swop my new Superlight Brompton for the bike. But I
    really like the baggage trailer. So neat. Wonder if in the upright
    position, it could be connected to the seat tube and towed that way, as I
    do with my BikeHob at the moment.

  5. I like the trailer most!! It folds up easy and is no bigger than a luggage!
    Inspite of the small wheels the bicycle doesnt fold up that small!! It
    stays a kind of long! I hope two of them fit in a normal sized cartrunk!
    The fact that they are electric is a big pro!!! I could use the trailer as
    I already have two folding bikes!

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    suggest you also check the group Proyect Gotan.

  7. And how about the lady? Mine always wants to fold her bicycle herself but
    here there is little action!!! Very elegant cobination, the bicycles and
    the trailer!

  8. $1195 for the 3 speed VeloMini or $995 for the one speed and $329 for the
    trailer cart does not add up to $2575

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