Virtue Cycles launching electric cargo trike via Kickstarter

Virtue Cycles launching electric cargo trike via Kickstarter
$ 2,995 level: Choice of The Pedalist in white or dark gray minus the factory electric power option. Investors will be able to configure their own e-bike motor and battery setup. MSRP: $ 3,499. Only 30 available. $ 3,995 level: Choice of The Pedalist in …
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Video done by Michele Bufalino. Subtitles by Alberto Pinsino. in first part of this video Images from Rai but in second part, investigation by Michele Bufalino. This video shows how mechanic…
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13 thoughts on “Virtue Cycles launching electric cargo trike via Kickstarter

  1. I know one of the riders in that break quite well, he laughed and said they
    were actually going quite slow 32kmph just at that point + FC looks like he
    is going really quick but its relative to the speed the break were going
    just then, he said they all waited to see what Boonen would do, hence by
    the time he reacted FC was gone

  2. Yeah! It’s cheating for sure ^^
    He is 10/15% faster than the second strongest man in those kind of race!
    When you see Boonen crying on his bike, when Cancellara is only at 80%
    max?! We all know it’s cheating, conspiracy and so on? It’s like Armstrong,
    nobody believe it untill time he get caught! Same thing for cancellara, no
    prouve so his clean! 50Km/h in the tourmalet climb?! It’s noraml! You have
    a prouf? SO i m not a cheater!

  3. Even *IF* that shitty motor was completely silent, which it is clearly not,
    as many batteries as you could hide inside the frame they would never be
    enough to take you anywhere near the finish from as far back as Spartacus
    usually attacks. In any case, the weight penalty of dragging them over 200+
    Km just to get a quick speed boost here and there would negate any so
    called benefit.

  4. Maybe he is using KERS: Kinetic Energy Recovery System, which is harnessing
    waste energy created under braking and transforming it into electrical
    energy, providing an additional 60kW of power for up to 6.67 seconds.

  5. Canccelara is clearly using gear controls, video says “Doesnt touch gear
    control” …….. the only fishy thing here is this video

  6. You must be kidding me… He just switches up a gear – of course he makes a
    gap to the rider next to him.
    Haters gonna hate.
    He is faster than the other riders = he is cheating!

  7. No matter what sacrifice’s an individual may take to be the very best at
    what they do there will always be people sat on a couch pointing conspiracy
    theory’s to justify the reason they are say on the couch. 

  8. Have you seen Hesjedal in this Tour? THat was kind of weird. I’m not saying
    he’s cheating, it’s just is quite weird for me. In this video, for me the
    most astonishing moment goes from 3:40 to 3:50 where you can see how
    Cancellara speeds up at a crazy rate, it’s quite interesting the video but
    it shows nothing without proof.

  9. today i saw a vid of hesjedal falling in vuelta. that fucker is using
    mechanic doping for shure! his bike did things that are not possible after
    he fell down unless there is a small engine in his bike.

  10. I`am completly atonish it`s not ciclyng it`s another thing whith no name…
    or yes: Cancellar, Hesjedal etc

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