16 thoughts on “water cooled car starter electric bike

  1. no sorry to many chemicals..electric is way safer..thats the point right
    better for the environment.. its nice yet i think you can do so much
    better..there are solar, bikes, electric bikes ect. when you said anti
    freeze i cringed!!!…wow you can make a solar or electric bike no

  2. If a cop pulls you over, it won’t be because it’s not street legal, it’ll
    be because it looks like you’ve strapped a bomb to it O.o 

  3. Is the cooling system necessary if you are using a starter motor? If so,
    how would you make a cooling system like your own?

  4. I love it ! I want to ride it on Halloween .That cooling system I see on
    your bike is exactly what the 24 valve Dodge diesel needs to keep its fuel
    injection pump from frying its built in electronic control system. The
    Dodge fuel injection pump on the 24 valve motor fails around 300 kilometers
    , it is not the pump that fails it is the electronics inside the pump that
    fails because it gets cooked by engine heat . I am going to try your
    cooling system on my trucks fuel injection pump. Thanks for your idea and 2
    thumbs up on your bike and its cooling system ! ! ! 

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