World's Fastest e-Bike. For A Serious Bicylist.

World's Fastest e-Bike. For A Serious Bicylist.
This bike is so intense. It moves fast. And then faster and faster. Faster than any other electric bike, reportedly, with quickly rising speed. One must be seriously adept, fearless, and full of love for the open air at breathtaking speed to use this …
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A bunch of photos and a short video of my newest ebike. On a side note I’m trying to raise money to buy a gopro camera to create more videos, donations can b…

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3 thoughts on “World's Fastest e-Bike. For A Serious Bicylist.

  1. Thanks for the comment. I do like the Magic Pie. I have a couple of no name
    hub motors from Ebay and would choose the Magic Pie over them. I’m running
    48 volts and will probably stick with that for now. I have been on the
    Endless Sphere forum, lot of nice people there and good info.

  2. Mr Greenwormsoup, Nice build! and thank you for the subscription. How do
    you like the Magic Pie? What voltage are you running? Are you on the
    Endless-Sphere Forum? Tommy L sends… \m//

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