7 thoughts on “World’s Fastest Electric Bicycle – 50 mph With a Turbo!!!

  1. …how in the world would hydrogen help an electric device run fater what
    are you making wires out of hydrogen to increase amperage lol …who’s the
    smart one now …and WTF is what the f*ck its common internet slang looser
    and just for fun im flagging your video and any others that say ebike with
    a turbo ……try being honest instead of tricking people to watching your
    video ..you’re not even selling anything …you just wanna be like look at
    me with my cool bike …..

  2. wtf = what the frank. My name isn’t even Frank so that shows how smart you
    are! I had the speedometer reduced 2.5 times that’s why it only says 20
    mph. The legal limit is 20 mph, you think I want to document a breakage of
    the law? I do have a turbo. The patent is pending so I can’t give out
    details except to say it runs off of the hydrogen found in common tap
    water. I now have 256 views thanks to smart people like you who like to
    waste their time watching my videos. Please subscribe!!!

  3. and i dont think u reduced the speedo ..its not illegal if its offroad
    stupid…like the cops are gonna come to your house and be like “YOU went
    to fast on your bike ” people are sooooo stupid sometimes ..u deserve to
    die a slow painful death .just like you’re turbo electric motor

  4. how can hydrogen turbo an electic motor …you’re not combusting it and the
    only other reason would be for liquid cooling with is not a turbo it
    cooling so u can run it fater …ther is no way hydrogen or any other
    liquid could make an electric motor run faster unless u had a feris fluid
    in a centerfuge being pulsed by the magnets of your motor ..which is still
    not a turbo ..a turbo is forcing air into a combustable engine to induce
    quicker burning …

  5. wtf !!!!!! it only goes 20mph and there is no such thing as a turbo for an
    electric motor ….stop wasting peoples time ..why would you even write
    that ..so u can get more hits? well u only got 255 so good luck with that

  6. Great video. I love the map and GPS speed on screen. I didn’t see no 50mph
    though? Check out my ebike video I reach 40 down a bit of a hill.

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