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  1. Xtreme’s XB 310 folding e-bike was a great value at the price I purchased
    it in April, 2014, with good components. The bike offers an amazingly
    smooth and speedy ride and I find the XB 310 looks much more stylish than
    the XB 300 & 305-it seems to be more aerodynamic than its little siblings.
    The bike itself is more complicated to put together than the 300 and unless
    you are pretty comfortable working on bikes I recommend you invest the
    $50-$75 and have a professional bike mechanic assemble, adjust and tune
    up. The bike did not come with assembly instructions but did come with a
    general manual and diagram. There does appear to be something of a design
    issue that gave me a good scare: the seat post abuts against where the
    battery connects, making it difficult to get a good connection. If you
    don’t connect properly the key won’t turn. I was able, after some pretty
    good effort, to jam the battery into the plug, but this is something the
    manufacturer should address. I upgraded the seat pad so I am now riding in
    cushy comfort. Also upgraded the headlight and added a tail light and
    odometer/speedometer. I really like being able to see how fast I am
    cruising. Unlike the XB 300, the XB 310 has its controller located high
    above the ground underneath the battery. The XB 310 is nice and versatile
    and handles excellent on road and on the trail. I am impressed. While
    Xtreme’s XB 310 may not have as powerful of a motor and as big a battery as
    my Prodeco Phantom X2 had, but it offrs a better ride than the pricey
    Prodeco. My Xtreme also has power-assist and a push-button mechanism for
    advancing gears with its Shimano shifter system–Prodeco didn’t have any of
    this. All in all, I am extremely pleased with my Xtreme XB 310 and highly

  2. Be advised of the placement of the electric controller under the pedals. If
    you run it in any water puddle it will get wet and burn the the controller
    up. No one in my area could or would fix it so i ended up sending it back
    to Washington to get repaired. I ended up sealing my cover plates better
    and covering with duct tape also seal holes where the wires run in and out
    of the box. Hope this will save some one the time that i lost with mine
    which was 3 months 

  3. I AM SOLD! I decided to buy one of those bikes! I just ordered one on Ebay!
    Can’t wait to get it! Once I get it, I will post it on youtube. I’ll use it
    for a little while then, I’ll give a personal review! 

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