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    Fun bike with problems that can be corrected., August 23, 2010

    This review is from: X-Treme XB-300Li High Performance Electric Bicycle

    I purchased this bike elsewhere but due to lack of reviews there’s this one here. Bought the black version.

    The basics: Nice looking bike, both throttle and pedal assist (both can be used at the same time even), dual disc brakes, Lithium Ion battery that key locks in place and is positioned well, X-tream customer support is ‘okay’ and prompt. 7 speed rear derailer. Ugly stickers on the battery and fork simple to peel off. Fairly lightwieght at 52lbs. Push to check battery meter on the battery itself. Includes headlight, bell and handlebar battery charger meter.

    The bad: My charger arrived dead. Xtream customer support is odd as two different people will awnser a support ticket and contradict each other. Charger and battery use a 3 prong mic type plug and everything says positive pole is #1 hole and negative #3 when in reality both the battery and charger are configured pole 1 positive and pole 2 negative. I have to pay shipping to warrenty the bad charger. 30 day warrenty on electronics and battery and 60ish days on the frame. Included tool kit is horribly cheap, replace immediatly (almost had to leave the bike since the wrench stripped a front wheel bolt and front wheel has to come off to fit in the car. Jam the flathead screwdriver between bolt and wrench to fix problem). No explaination for the two included 30amp fuses (take off the battery top and the fuse is there). Peddle assist is only 1:1. X-tream customer support closed on Sat and Sun. Rear derialer might have to be adjusted by the user, mines outta whack in 6th gear. Manual states motor is shut off in 1st gear, when it’s actually 7th gear (but throttle still works).

    The iffy: Controller is at the base of the peddles and not gasketed. Push to check charge on battery itself seems to only show charge left on throttle only mode. Handgrips are too short at 4 inches long. Max rider weight is 350lbs, 100-150lbs over pretty much all the other bikes and not really sure how well the bike will work at 350lbs. Maybe it’s wired wrong on my part but headlight turns on even when off when hitting a minor bump, only noticed this at night, have to check on a day run. There’s a hidden iffy involving the battery ‘on’ state that people will have to figure out on their own, I haven’t had the brass to test the problem but it’s not a problem if no one knows about it.

    The so-so: Only 24V but appears can be upped to 36V, maybe 48V without much problem after the short warrenty expires. Involves replacing the battery, controller and charger. Included headlight is alright I guess but don’t think the wiring will last long. Handlebar battery meter is odd (explained below) and probably not too accurate.

    The good: The handlebar battery meter, when it works correctly, will show power remaining in two ways. When you peddle you’ll get say 4 bars, stop peddling and throttle and you’ll get 2 bars left, with throttle on and peddling you’ll go back to 4. Wonky but kinda interesting. Throttle responds quickly and is a half throttle so it’s easy on the hands. Lithium Ion and not Sealed Lead Acid! Battery is nice and light.

    The abstract: I’ve basically never excercised ever, drink at night, smoke and get exhaused just from sitting it seems (slight exgageration). Only 150ish pounds at 5’10” but I wouldn’t get far on a regular bike they’re too exhausting and not fun anymore at 39 years old and their seats sucks. So took the 300LI out today to a closed road and only planned on going a mile or so to re-learn how to ride a bike. Re-learned quickly and ended up riding about 7 miles! of bike path, most of it in a heavy headwind. When my legs got tired (didn’t take long), stop peddling, throttle on and recover, hit a hill throttle on and peddle. The bike was rather quiet most of the time, sometimes there was a slight whine that was usually the poorly adjusted front disc brake but at other times there was no reason for the barely heard whine. Other times I could smell a slight electrical burning smell which is always bad but everything ran fine and it was a first run and towards the end of the ride when I stopped for a cig no burning smell was there.

    Tried riding the bike without power. It works but there is a slight resistence drag that’s kinda annoying and is there even under power when coasting without throttle. So run out of battery you can still peddle normally but I’d be cursing up a storm because of the motor drag.

    Conclusion: I had enough fun on the trial ride that ended up 6 miles further then intended that I slapped a basket on the included rear carrier and it’s replacing my car for all the 10 mile or less trips I make. Look around before buying, $1300 is too much, $900-$1000 (including shipping) is about right and that’s just because this bike is loaded with extras but still those extra’s need to be adjusted for effiencey. And get a good lock, not a cable one, something like the Kryptonite…

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    Good value, fun product, November 2, 2010

    This review is from: X-Treme XB-300Li High Performance Electric Bicycle
    I have used the bike for 3 weeks.

    – Good looking bike (I got the silver color)
    – Good battery life: I have gone over 15 miles with battery to spare
    – Good “throttle” control
    – When you pedal, motor senses your effort and assist you automatically
    – Stable, comfortable ride
    – Reasonable speed, 17-18 mph with battery alone, and faster with peddaling
    – Very adjustable for the size of the rider
    – Very quiet, gives you the typical rider sensation with more speed

    – No assembly instructions, but not very hard to assemble
    – Tire subject to flats. I had both go flat due to minor puncture the first week. I used a “slime tube” to solve this problem
    – Auto assist when pedaling is not adjustable, I would like a bit less assist
    – Battery level meter not accurate due to nature of Lithium battery
    – Replacement parts are expensive
    – Would prefer a higher gear ratio. 7th gear not high enough
    – Bike is heavy a 51 pounds, but not a real problem due to motor

    – Have ridden about 250 miles
    – No problems
    – Bike provides a lot of fun
    – I pedal when riding for exercise, but ride 6 miles instead of the 3 I rode with a standard bike
    – Replaced the seat with a high-end Schwinn seat from Walmart
    -Very satisfied with the product


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