25 thoughts on “YikeBike Carbon Electric Bike Review

  1. I don’t think I want this bike. It is cute but not really for putting on
    the road miles She is very beautiful, respectfully.

  2. 3 wheeled version looks a lot more stable than two wheeled version, but
    that brings cost to almost $5000 USD ~ VERY Expensive! Also fold-up is
    Overall, it is not suitable for mountain trails, so only use for it is
    commuting from mass-transit to work in an urban setting. In USA however,
    roads are designed exclusively for cars, so streets from home to
    mass-transit are absolutely horrible! Without sidewalks, this contraption
    is just too dangerous to be used on streets alongside cars – NO DRIVER CAN
    SEE YOU! It’s basically looks like you’re riding a chair down the street.
    So far, I have not seen its capability on steep streets like those in San
    Francisco. It may seem light at 23 lbs ~ until it runs out of battery
    power. I rather depend upon a manual foldable bike like the Brompton.

  3. I like the Solowheel even though its slow it looks comfortable and charges
    fast. You should do a review of one even though its a unicycle.

  4. Far from a review. So I learned it’s easier to shoot with a camera on
    training wheels than without. What about a review on battery life,
    comfort, durability, and how well it goes over curbs and on grass, etc.

  5. No thanks, I think I would rather get a conventional bike. Does it even
    have pedals? Looks uncomfortable. I read an article about this in the local
    newspaper here yesterday. 

  6. @1:57″This is incredible.I don’t even know what I’m watching right now”

    You had the camera pointed on her ass the whole time so…

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