Zero Motorcycles 2015 electric bikes have over 185 miles of beach, Showa suspension

Zero Motorcycles 2015 electric bikes has 185 miles to go, Showa suspension
The Zero S has a top speed of 95 miles / h and 0-60 times faster than 4.8 seconds. Zero custom permanent magnet electric motor with radial flow provides 68 lb-ft of torque and 54 hp. The area of ​​the battery and riding ranges from 9.4 & amp; amp; nbsp; …
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STORY: It’s certainly an eye-catcher. Ringing in the streets of Berlin – this is the “eRockit.” Half-bicycle, half-motorbike, Stefan Gulas has work or …
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13 thoughts on “Zero Motorcycles 2015 electric bikes have over 185 miles of beach, Showa suspension

  1. What no one talks about the effectiveness of such a bike is about 100% .However if it was the entire project to be educated for clunkers könnteund inventor killed (the fate of Stan Meyers) . The laws of energy Erhaltungvon are garbage, if you many examples they can challenge. A law can not be considered if a law, it is no exception.

  2. My scooter has a lot of storage space, going 80 mph and is blocking umjedes bit Wind.Ich will be $ 3 $ 10 a week on gas 70mpg shot nehmen.Auf other hand, it is a scooter. 🙁

  3. So instead of a butterfly that you just replaced with pedals and use them to help add small amounts of energy to the battery? Why you can not save everything a normal gas and the weight on the bike by removing the pedals and generator? $ 44,000, is an insult and I hope that the invention flops if you proceed as dudass customers. I know people of coastline that is wieMenschen make a profit, but I bought a house for $ 50,000 and if I were buying a house for a little more than this piece of shit, then derGesellschaft parasite.

  4. 44 great? At this price, it’s never to revolutionize anything. Speziellda there are customized bikes (the USA). Perform at this level for less than a quarter of that Gluck my Frund!

  5. If the pedals do not drive the wheel, it is an electric motorcycle w / gas pedal avariable. Do the pedals attach to the wheel somehow?

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