Zero S Electric | Fully Charged

. Zero S Electric | fully charged

A mysterious pink dressed man who takes his motorcycle license Electric Bicycle zero for a ride on the golf course. For more information about Zero Motorcycles:

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17 thoughts on “Zero S Electric | Fully Charged

  1. hilarious, a man who can not even ride a bike to your review Send tunneues bike and then all of a pink bike suit, then a little light comedy andthen They say that our eco-conscious government will not even imports it’s a comedy channel to discover that I stolperteüber?

  2. I led a Zero S for the first time yesterday. Very easy to drive, coupling no problem at all. power delivery is very smooth, dieGas roll from standstill to full speed, without interruption, to Machtam back. Comrades. The bike is light and wendig.Allerdings this is the bike for a day, you can not clear distance to go to him, with the public charging network is not an option. Seriously look kaufenein, she enrolled in driving I do.

  3. many wild claims being easy to maintain, batteries tunMeilen 300000. They are a guarantee for 300k or 30 years?.

  4. There is a zero torque here in the UK in 2013 I drive a zero-S me know at least a 2014 Zero S in a kaufen.Es dealer rumors flying around reliable, Zero Motorcycles will again entered the UK market, perhaps this year, but but hopefully until the next Jahr.Auch it’s just a rumor, I’m not looking forward to Konkretes.Ich yields zero in the UK, their bikes are not cheap, but they are serious fun, and at one point I really want my act S model in the recent SR … 🙂

  5. Inside .. I never thought Lolich can not distinguish between the Zero S and entscheidenes FX’s a shame they do not sell, they are no longer in the UK are? However, they do not sell e-KTM SM but inGroßbritannien USA. Strange how things work …

  6. It is true, motorcycles do not really weigh something like a car, but how istlustig car tax does not reflect the situation, you can get the cars speed diesel and gasoline, the vehicle tax to cost less Moped.So that, as is the case, an electric motorcycle should govt incentives tax benefit, even like a car, because it seems that while recognizing the benefits of motorcycles for the environment want to garner as much money as possible British ihnen.Die on the back of government to be one of the worst in the world when it comes to creating incentives for ecological gehen.Sie do with their bikes and motorcycles and scooter powered up Low ‘to ban.

  7. Only popularize when the batteries are replaced stations instead of loading those who take the time to charge …

  8. Since electrically, you can legally drive on the sidewalk? VonNatürlich if you go slowly, of course … just ask.

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