1987-2013 Kawasaki KLR 650 Pannier mounting rack , klr650 ,unpainted

klr panniers
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A video of the racks I built for my bike. I wanted a little more cargo capacity but did not want to fork out 200 bucks for a coupe of pieces of bent steel an…

klr 650 4
klr panniers

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14 thoughts on “1987-2013 Kawasaki KLR 650 Pannier mounting rack , klr650 ,unpainted

  1. nice job – I would give your vid a thumbs up but from some unknown reason
    there is not a thumbs up button to click…weird – I love/hate you tube.

  2. Dude, that is an excellent job! You built and awesome rack for the
    Panniers. You should SELL those! Ever think of that??? A good pannier
    system is extremely expensive — and if you can build something that good,
    and price is lower than the name brands, you might have an awesome side

  3. Thanks for the comments! The short list is a welder (any will do I use
    mig), cheap chop saw with metal cutting blade and a 4 inch grinder with a
    sanding disc. A tape measure and try square. A drill and a few bits and
    that should be about it. The most important thing is a patient friend to
    help hold the racks while you tack them/make measurements. a cover to
    protect the bike while fitting the racks and a flat table or floor is nice.
    that’s about it Hope this helps !

  4. Curious what your welding setup consists of. I was thinking of picking up a
    rig from Harbor Freight at their next parking lot sale and want to plan
    what’s needed. Can you list all the tools you used including any torches,
    pipe benders, welding rig, etc? Thanks man. Very great setup BTW

  5. Just came across your video. Great racks! They may be heavier than some of
    the racks with aluminum frames, but I like the way you positioned them to
    protect both the side covers and the rear turn signals. The fact that these
    can also be used as handles or for tie downs is a real plus. Once again,
    excellent job designing and fabricating a nice bit of equipment. They look
    like pro kit to me. Now, what kind of paniers?

  6. Bad ass bike bro! I am loathing to get a KLR! Just 8 more months of car
    payments……. Then I can afford it. Keep the awesome vids coming!

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